Saturday, 22 December 2018



When we think of Zero, it comes to our mind that zero is a number having no value stored in it. Perhaps it may be true too when it is alone or placed at left with any number.

Now when we think of any number where zero is placed at the right, the number gets its value increased with ten times, hundred times, thousand times to million, billion, trillion times and so on. It also converts zero into some valuable number depending upon its position or placement,


Similar is the case with our feelings. When anybody calls us zero, we start thinking that we are useless and we have no importance in the life of others. This situation becomes worse when we develop such feelings for ourselves too. We start sinking.

At this stage, we have both sides open, either try and prove the people wrong who think of us as zero or prove them right.

Here we have to show our inner strength. The question comes in mind how ? Firstly, we have to identify our weaknesses. Why people are treating us as zero? Do they have no other creative work to be done instead of insulting us ? When we get the answer to our these questions, we get the solution. Now we accept our weakness(s) and we have to take a challenge to prove ourself. Once challenge is accepted internally, we start working on it. Hard work is the key to success. Our loved ones, our family, our friends irrespective of their age are the real motivators for us to achieve success. Success is the outcome of clear Goal, perseverance to achieve, and focussed labour. 

When the Goal is achieved with the help of  our determination, with the contribution of our beloved ones, every one stops calling us zero and starts calling us Hero. The journey of zero to hero is what we travel for ourselves.

So guys, have you ever gone through any such moment in your life where you have felt like this and have overcome by your taking the right decision at the right time and say that :

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”
– Stephen Covey



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