Sunday, 18 March 2018

Communication - A big challenge for a toddler


Every one wants interaction with each other. We interact with other people through language - spoken, written, our actions, language of love and care etc. 

What about a Toddler ?

A baby on First interaction uses the Action Weeping, then Crying, then Smiling. Touch is most preferable action of a baby as he/she wants to touch and feel every thing. A baby holds the things tightly with a very firm grip. 

Until a baby learns a language - speaking or writing, very beautifully uses other means of communication to show his/her understanding of the things.

A baby  conveys his / her Love, Care and Needs through various actions and until he /she makes us understand, never gives up.  A  toddler starts speaking with small words like Maa, Papa, Dadi, Baba, Nani, Nana, Bua to convey us that he/she has started realizing the various relationships in Life. Slowly starts recognising the colours, shapes and other objects around her/him. 

A toddler has a capacity of fast learning and imitates what the people around her/him do. Learning becomes fun for a toddler. 

When one is alone, books are best friend. Language is understandable if we have learnt reading, writing and speaking. But what about a toddler who has not yet learnt speaking, reading or writing. Pictures attract a child  more.

Few Pics of a little child showing Books as a medium of showing his feelings / understanding :

A child is a source of inspiration for all of us. We have to understand his/her actions what he/she wants to convey. 

We must learn from the untiring effort of a child until he/she succeeds to convey what he/she means.


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