Wednesday, 30 September 2015

#TATASkyTransfer: Never miss a show, Watch TV on the Go!


Watching my favourite shows on Television is something working people like me miss in our hectic daily schedules. We spend a major portion of our time either in travelling to office or in office. Even when we are at home, we have to give time to our family and friends which leaves us less to no time to sit down and watch TV!

In the early days we got only a limited number of programmes from doordarshan that had a limited number of channels. But then the audience was challenged with the presence of private operators offering a variety of channels and afterwards a beautiful world was opened with the arrival of satellite Television with many options of operators available that opened a basket of infinite channels. Tata Sky has been my all-time favourite offering a bouquet of channels to choose from at my own ease, convenience and the freedom of amount to pay according to my need.

But this time, Tata Sky has gone a step further and brought to people like me, a feature that will solve all my problems and enable me to never miss any of my favourite shows ever again!

The boon for viewers like me that I am talking about is Tata Sky+ Transfer set top box.

I have two Tata Sky HD set top boxes but the Tata Sky+ Transfer Set top box is fascinating me due to its all lovable features like :

i) I can get my favourite movies & TV shows recorded and can watch them whenever I like.

ii) I can transfer recorded content from my Tata Sky+ Transfer set top box onto my mobile and tablet via Wi-Fi.

iii) I can carry my favourite movie & TV shows with me. And watch them without an internet connection. AHA !!!!!

iv) I can instantly stream my entertainment onto my mobile and watch it at once even when someone from my family is watching something else on TV!

v) I can transfer the Internet recording via or Tata Sky mobile app to my mobile.

Tata Sky+ Transfer is really a boon for viewers like me. I am now ready to open a new chapter in my Life. From now onwards I am not going to miss any episode of my favourite shows as Tata Sky+ Transfer is going to provide me the freedom of recording my loved shows, transfer them to my smart phone and watch them anywhere at my own time, ease and comfort!

Some of my favourite shows on TV at this time are BIGG BOSS (New season coming up shortly. I am a big fan of this show and try and watch every episode!), Itna Karo na Mujhe Pyaar, Reporters, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, Dance India Dance, Dance+, Family Guru, Cricket Match, Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain and now, I wont miss a single episode, all thanks to Tata Sky+ Transfer!

Conclusion :

I am an all time fan of Tata Sky as Tata Sky has always provided its customers a bunch of excellent services from attending the calls in zero down time manner, relocation of my Tata Sky connection within no time and that too as per my convenience, upgrading my Tata Sky SD connections to HD connections (multiple connections I have) and that too with the integration of latest technologies starting from registering my service till termination of service with a huge SUCCESS by the representatives of Tata Sky who provide flawless service to its customers like me who have not much leisure time due to our busy schedule. Customer Satisfaction is their forte. KUDOS to Tata Sky for upgrading their services with the need and tune of time and blessing us with Tata Sky+ Transfer Set top box which is going to be my second darling after my first darling my Smart phone and I am pretty sure that both my darlings will live in full synchronization.

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