Friday, 21 August 2015

#Airtel4G ~ The Fastest Network Ever to the Rescue!

Internet has become an important part of our lives. We can no longer imagine a life without it. I love connecting with my friends and relatives online on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc. But because of slow speeds, I,often, am unable to do so.

Now, with the launch of Airtel 4G, gone are the days of snail like crawling Internet speeds because Airtel 4G gives us unbelievable speeds that are faster than 2G and 3G speeds. Rolled out in over 296 cities in India, Airtel 4G is sure to change the network speed scenario.

With faster speed, we’ll be able to use the Internet better and enjoy our experience online better. It is super easy to get Airtel 4G, just tweet with the hashtag #GetAirtel4G and you’ll get the 4G sim delivered to your home for free.

While Airtel 4G provides better features with faster speed, it is also pocket friendly. We don’t have to shell out extra because the prices are same as that for 3G!

With these unbelievable speeds, I can now surf the Internet faster, open even the heavier websites and have the confidence that I can search anything on the Internet faster.

Watching videos and movies online will also be more pleasurable with fast loading without any of the usual long waiting. Now, I can watch my favourite movie trailers, songs and movies online with ease and no frustration of having to wait for hours for the video to load.

Also, I won’t have to compromise on the video quality just so I can reduce the streaming time. With Airtel 4G, I can watch high quality videos and not fret about the loading time.

Connecting with friends and relatives will become easier, faster and sweeter with the fast 4G speeds. Even video chats will become possible with faster Internet!

I love blogging but am unable to upload my work and then share it on various social media platforms because of the slow Internet speed, with Airtel 4G this problem will be solved. I’ll be able to publish, share and interact with my readers better!

I use Google Maps everyday while travelling so I know which route to my office is with minimum traffic. With slower speeds, using this service becomes cumbersome and irritating. With faster speeds, using this service will be fluid and my life will become easier.

 Often times, due to slow speeds my mails don’t sync which has had me in trouble several times when I missed a meeting or didn’t read the client mail asking for my immediate response till it was very late. With Airtel 4G’s faster speed, my mails will be able to sync properly and save me trouble!

The fastest Network is here. So don’t wait and upgrade to Airtel 4G today!

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