Wednesday, 20 May 2015


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When I opened my eyes for the first time, I was in the lap of a nurse who was holding me like a small flower but my eyes were searching some one and I got my angel - My Mother who was excited to hold me in her arms despite of the labour pain she had gone through. After all, I was having a great relationship with my mother since a long time for the last nine months and she was my "First Love" and I was her "First love", may be second one after her husband, my father but it was "First Love" for me.

Soon after I was in the lap of my mother who was holding me like a bundle of cotton with all the love and care of the world in her eyes. Since that day my love started for my mother. I was feeling the warmth of my mother's arms and her care for me for providing me the essentials of life to survive in the world which were very few like water, milk etc. and ofcourse her love and concern.

Thus, my life started and I was very soon shifted to my own home after my mother got discharged from the hospital. I was cynosure of all in the family but I was relying on my mother only. She was my entire world and I slept with her with no worry knowing that she was there to protect me always from all evil.

I have many memories with my mother right from going to school, completing homework and she supporting me when I was not sure about the quality of my homework, playing outside and fighting with other kids and her solving all my problems. She was my confidante and she never failed in supporting me and never disclosed my secrets. She was always there when on many occasions I was not able to handle the situations which she so beautifully handled with ease and calm. She was my protector whenever I got scared.

My mother was my first Teacher in all spheres and when she caressed my hair with her fingers dipped in hair oil, I used to feel so relaxed that all my fear and worries got erased from my mind leaving me peaceful and relaxed and left luxuriating in my mother's love!

My Mother was the best example of a Multi Tasker. She handled  all her  roles so confidently and beautifully that she left me impressed and a better manager who knows how to plan the time, administration, completing various tasks within the available time and manpower.

I always considered my Mother as the only and #MYFIRSTEXPERT in my life whose place nobody can fill. Many golden memories are overflowing in my mind that my mother gave me all along her life and one day, she went far away from me teaching me that life is very small and all of us have to ultimately succumb to the Life-Death cycle planned by the Almighty. 

She is not with me anymore but still very much alive in my heart and her teachings are so deeply embedded into me that I can still proudly and loudly say that my Mother was #MYFIRSTEXPERT and my "First Love Story" started with my Mother!

This post is my entry to the Godrej Expert Rich Crème – #MyFirstExpert story contest.


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