Sunday, 22 March 2015

Things that make me happy! ~#Iamhappy


Happiness is a choice and style of life. People who are happy are the people who want to be happy. They have learned the art of finding happiness in even the smallest of things and acts. Even a simple "hello" from a friend or colleague makes them happy.

In today's ambitious life, everyone is running after success and in the process, also getting more frustrated, more hopeless and more unhappy when met with failures. Being happy is something that we have forgotten.

I am no averse to everyone else. I also have my share of frustrations, sadness, chaos and hopelessness but still I try to not let them overpower me and try to be happy.

The things that make me happy are:

1) Time spent with family and friends.
2) Listening to my favourite songs.
3) Watching the instant smile on my wife's face when I return home from office each day.
4) Walking in the park hand-in-hand with my wife.
5) Getting unexpected calls from my children and realizing that they miss me.
6) Eating home cooked meals and watching my wife's satisfied smile when she sees me enjoying her cooked food.
7) The simple routine of going to the gym, buying groceries, the simple banter with my wife and knowing that she will always be there to correct me when I go wrong.
8) Feeling proud of all the accomplishments of my children and realizing that somewhere I did the right thing to help them get where they are now.
9) Going out for dinner with family and watching the easy love that we share with each other.
10) Watching movies with my family.
11) Having the freedom to do what I like and knowing that my family will support me in all my ventures.
12) Holding the shopping bags while I watch my wife excitedly rattling off things from the shopping list and happy as she moves from one shop to another.
13) Starting my day with a glass of warm water with lemon while I sit with my wife in companionable silence in my balcony and watch the early morning hustle-bustle with children chatting while waiting for their school bus, the newspaper man throwing newspapers and the birds chirping on the trees opposite my house.
14) Going to the temple each Tuesday and feeling the peace and spirituality wash over me.
15) Getting a hot cup of tea after a hard day at work.
16) Having pakoras with tea and a good book on a rainy day.
17) Getting a cold beverage like coca-cola on a hot summer afternoon.
18) Coming back from office and realizing that their is no electricity cut and that I can watch my favourite TV shows in peace.

There are so many small things that make me happy and when combined, make my life a happy one. Being happy is a choice, one that all of us can opt for!


What makes you happy?

This post is written for Coca-Cola India


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