Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Singapore: The World in your Plate! ~ #FarMoreSingapore

Since my childhood days, I have been a food lover. I am fond of good food to satiate my taste buds. I recall my early days in life when i used to eat Farex, many variants of it coupled with Milk, drink milk with bournvita, cornflakes etc. etc.

Gradually  my taste buds inspired me to look around and search for other tastes available in the World starting from Vegetarian food, Non-Vegetarian food, continental, Chinese and other brands of food. I remember the extended horizon of my taste and I started liking multi-national brands.

Then I cam to know about the Singaporean food because a variety of food is available in Singapore to satiate my taste buds. The widest variety of food available in Singapore which I would like to have before I die and I hope I get to eat them soon.

Singaporean Chicken Rice
Foods from chicken rice to Dimsum and from Satay to Kaya toast, Singapore is full of variety and memorable dishes that come from all over the world. This small island country in Southeast Asia has adopted cuisine from various countries and made them its own by adding its own characteristic touch.

Singapore has me super excited and I hope to visit the place to experience its food because in Singapore, we have the world in our plate!

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