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#MyFamilyMyPride - I am better, confident and self-reliant because of you!

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Family bonding has been deeply embedded in our culture and society. It is because of our family that we are able to achieve success and become a better person. 

I still recall an incident from my early childhood where I wanted to have my problem solved by my father but he gave me signals of not being interested. I was very depressed and started thinking about my problems deeply and in the process, thought of many solutions. When I applied the one which I thought was best according to me and I was surprised to see that I was able to solve my problem myself!

I was so happy! While I danced in joy, my father suddenly came in front of me. He had tears in his eyes which he told me were of happiness and pride for me, giving me the realization that it was my father who wanted me to think independently and solve my problem on my own instead of depending on him thinking he would always be there to solve my issues.

As history repeats itself, the same situation rose in my life when my daughter struggled with a problem and I kept myself away from her just to inculcate the confidence of solving her problem independently which she realized when she solved her problem on her own and realized that the reason why I had not helped her was because I wanted her to take a decision on her own and have faith that she had made the right choice. I wanted her to become self-reliant.

When I came to know about the recently launched, “Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao” campaign by HDFC Life, it was my father's vision from long back to instill a habit of independence and self pride in me so I became a better and a more self-reliant person was what came back to me which I carried forward when it was my turn to develop my daughter the same way. 

Gone are the days when our fore-fathers used to save money for our safe future keeping small savings in clay pots, then in small money boxes, then in Banks. Gradually we started to think of various other modes like taking insurance for covering the risk of our health, for meeting any contingency in our and our beloved's Life, making investments to fulfill our dreams etc.

Now when a child is born, the family thinks of securing his/her future by setting a financial goal for the child and think of various ways available in achieving the set goal. Thanks to HDFC Life which is there to simplify our decisions for every horizon of life starting from Protection Plans, to Health Plans, to Young Star Plans, to Savings & Investment Plans, to Woman's Plans to Retirement Plans.

I am so happy and proud of my family that stood with me all through my life and it is because of them that I stand today a better, confident and independent person. My father taught me to have faith in myself, be self-reliant and never regret my mistakes but learn from them and never commit the same mistakes again. I hope I have been able to instill the same values in my children but I am happy to be part of a family that is my pride and joy. 

This post is written for Indi-Happy Hours by Indiblogger in association with HDFC Life #MyFamilyMyPride.

Checkout the heartwarming video from HDFC Life which shows how important family is in making us self-reliant.


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