Thursday, 5 March 2015

My #lookup story of Optimism!

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A home is where we feel loved, happy and cared for. I have been blessed with a home where I am guaranteed love, safety and happiness.

I still remember how my little daughter used to wait for me even when she was only a few months old and my job profile had me working in shifts and my time for coming back home from work was not fixed. My little and cute daughter was only 3 months old and I thought such a small child could not be aware of my coming late because I had seen little ones sleep more than being awake. Only when they feel that they are hungry or thirsty, they awake up for a very small duration and when they are satisfied by the water/milk or food, they again go to sleep.

But my misconception about small children was challenged by my small daughter. I used to come home late at night or sometimes early in the morning around 3-4 am but my cutie pie used to wait for me with her big, eager eyes waiting for my return and a cute smile on her face. She only went to sleep after she had seen me and I had told her a story! This happened each day and despite my wife’s attempt to get her to sleep, she stayed awake until she saw me return which always had me trying to wrap up my work as quickly as possible so I could go back home and be with her.

The smile of my little one, her patience for waiting for me even when I came back late which had to be difficult  for a little child who couldn't express her  feelings through words but had found a way to show her love for me by sacrificing her sleep. This gesture from her filled me with optimism towards life because now I had a motivation to face all pessimism in life bravely and convert it to positivism. All my daily frustration and negativity just vanished when I saw her waiting patiently for me and watching her instant joy at seeing me had me feeling proud, loved and cared for. Such a small child who looked helpless but was way stronger than us was able to fill me with new optimism towards the future. I had a motivation to work hard and brave all the difficulties that were thrown in my path each day. I wanted to give her the best things in life and a secure life with her making my daily existence more fulfilling and happy!

My daughter had been able to convey by her silent but strong gestures her feelings of love, care, concern and strength to me and it was her innocent and happy face that drove me to see the future in a positive sense and face all the difficulties in my life with the daily dose of optimism I got from her.

She taught me that optimism could come from anywhere and everywhere only if we were willing to feel it and change our lives for the better. :)

I got my dose of optimism from my daughter. Who or what made you optimistic towards your life?

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