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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Good Morning

Having a SMILE on UR face is a gud compliment to Life, but putting a SMILE on otherz face by ur efforts is d best compliment to Life. Gud Morning...

Dreaming of a #DigitalIndia!

I recall my childhood days when I always thought that mathematics could be very interesting if I can develop a machine which can calculate within seconds without exerting my brain and the dream came true when we had calculating devices from FACIT machines to electronic calculators to robust computers to Mainframe computers to mini computers to high-end desktops to laptops, to Smartphone devices to so many gadgets which have created their place in our lives that we can not dream of having a life without them.and the journey has not yet ended. It is going on and going on...

#DigitalIndia is a dream that all Indians have seen.

India's mainstay has been agriculture. Rural economy has been our strength. There has been a digital divide between the urban economy and rural economy. Now with e-Governance declared by the Government, we are on the path of bridging the gap between the digital divide and our Government is providing us the opportunities to do so through e-Governance. We all are with the PM's #DigitalIndia initiative which would make India a technology hub and Intel is also one of them. Intel is committed towards our government's vision of a Digital India. Through its ‘Digital Skills for India’ and ‘Innovate for India’ initiatives, Intel has been fostering technology as the enabler for creating a digitized India. Intel is committed to creating a digitally enabled India and believes that Innovation will drive this movement forward. E-governance through Technology can accelerate this vision of a digital India. 
Intel's educational app "Learn Digital Skills" teaches the basics of using tablets and is a venture towards making India digital literate. The app can be downloaded for free from the android store and is available in five Indian languages.

Intel and some other other IT companies like Microsoft have come together to help make the #DigitalIndia programme a success by contributing to programmes like 'National Optical Fibre Network' and 'National Digital Literacy Mission.'


Social initiatives coupled with collaborative use of technology will plug the gaps in India's social development. Corporate Social Responsibility may be a main factor in #DigitalIndia programme.

Government has declared many programmes to facilitate efficiency in governance including digital literacy and electronic delivery of services. E-governance is the core for creating the digital India. 

The main factors in this initiative would be to provide us access to :

1) Services being provided to Citizens, business, e-Transactions and future implementations as well to serve the society in a digitized manner and keeping one foot ahead on the journey of digital India.

2) Various Projects being implemented and initiatives taken for new projects.

3) Infra-structure being provided through State wide Area Networks/State Data Centre/Service Delivery Gateway/Common Service Centres etc.

4) Knowledge and Skill development and its sharing amongst all in achieving the goal of digital India and its Collaboration through Knowledge Portal/Events/Gallery etc.

5) Information and communications technology (ICT) can play a vital role in the integration of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals) and computers towards a digital India dream to be fulfilled.

The vision areas of #DigitalIndia:

1) Infrastructure as Utility to Every Citizen:
a) High speed internet as a core utility shall be made available in all Gram Panchayats.
b) Cradle to grave digital identity – unique, lifelong, online and authenticable.
c) Mobile phone and Bank account would enable participation in digital and financial space at individual level.
d) Easy access to a Common Service Centre within their locality.
e) Shareable private space on a public Cloud.
f) Safe and secure Cyber-space in the country.

2) Governance and Services on Demand:
a) Seamlessly integrated across departments or jurisdictions to provide easy and a single window access to all persons.
b) Government services available in real time from online and mobile platforms.
c) All citizen entitlements to be available on the Cloud to ensure easy access.
d) Government services digitally transformed for improving Ease of Doing Business.
e) Making financial transactions above a threshold, electronic and cashless.
f) Leveraging GIS for decision support systems and development.

3) Digital Empowerment of Citizens:
a) Universal digital literacy.
b) All digital resources universally accessible.
c) All Government documents/ certificates to be available on the Cloud.
d)  Availability of digital resources / services in Indian languages.
e) Collaborative digital platforms for participative governance.
f)  Portability of all entitlements for individuals through the Cloud.


The challenges faced by the #DigitalIndia initiative include
1) A strong support system.
2) A coordinated and transparent work approach.
3) Strong cyber laws to protect the information present online.
4) Eliminating the 'Digital Divide' and connecting each corner of the country digitally.

If #DigitalIndia initiative is a success, every nook and corner of India will be well connected and information sharing will become easier with seamless integration between departments along with a stronger economy with a stronger knowledge base. Every Indian will be literate both digitally and alphabetically and in tune with the latest updates. This is a dream dreamed by every Indian and it requires our support to become a success!

This post is written for the #DigitalIndia initiative and for the contest on Indiblogger in association with Intel.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Singapore: The World in your Plate! ~ #FarMoreSingapore

Since my childhood days, I have been a food lover. I am fond of good food to satiate my taste buds. I recall my early days in life when i used to eat Farex, many variants of it coupled with Milk, drink milk with bournvita, cornflakes etc. etc.

Gradually  my taste buds inspired me to look around and search for other tastes available in the World starting from Vegetarian food, Non-Vegetarian food, continental, Chinese and other brands of food. I remember the extended horizon of my taste and I started liking multi-national brands.

Then I cam to know about the Singaporean food because a variety of food is available in Singapore to satiate my taste buds. The widest variety of food available in Singapore which I would like to have before I die and I hope I get to eat them soon.

Singaporean Chicken Rice
Foods from chicken rice to Dimsum and from Satay to Kaya toast, Singapore is full of variety and memorable dishes that come from all over the world. This small island country in Southeast Asia has adopted cuisine from various countries and made them its own by adding its own characteristic touch.

Singapore has me super excited and I hope to visit the place to experience its food because in Singapore, we have the world in our plate!

Read more about Singapore here:

This post is written for the Takeaway Level: Singapore contest on Indiblogger in association with Far East Hospitality.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I #ChooseToStart with all new Moto E (2ndGen)!

I had been since my childhood days, the kind of boy who always wanted to have my 'Firsts', but only after a well thought about and well discussed phenomenon and then too, it had to be value for money. I remember when I had my first tricycle without any thought or any discussion as I was too young to do so but when I had my first bicycle, it was a result of many days of study like which brand to buy, which colour it will be, its look, its cost etc. etc. and I was very delighted when I bought one of my liking, a value for money as it had all the features which I had aspired for, though it had taken a considerable time before buying, but ultimately I had what I had thought of having.

The same process continued from bicycle to two-wheeler to four wheeler. Since I was a technology savvy boy, it continued with intangible assets too. What software I will have for my gadgets, which version will suit my requirements, its speed, access time, delay in fetching the information, refresh rate and so many variants to think of. I have been lucky to have what I had aspired in technology also.

Then came the time to experience the feeling of possessing a smartphone. Again my bad habit of having every aspect in my mind, my journey to have a smartphone started with the brand, colour, present technology as well as the upcoming one, its price, its processor speed, its features, its display, large size screen (bigger the better), how sturdy it is, this and that and so on.


The search for a smartphone came to an end after many days discussions, thoughts, study of every aspect when I found the "Perfect One" for me in the all new "Moto E (2nd Gen)" smartphone. I loved it due to its various features and the value for money price. The cool features that appealed to me are:

-  a new class of smartphone tailored for people like me looking for a great mobile experience at an unbelievable price of just Rupees 6,999. The next generation phone , packed with more features and functionality to give me a smooth smartphone experience - without a hefty price tag. As Motorola believes, I also believe that access to the mobile internet should be a choice, not a privilege.

- It can connect at  3G and also 4G LTE / 4G speed with its two variants and we can buy according to our need.  It has been paired with the best network in the world. I can start browsing the web, streaming music, playing games and watching videos all at high 3G or 4G speeds. 

- It  features a powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor with a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU and advanced graphics. I can switch back and forth between my favorite apps without slowing down. Or listen to music and surf the web at the same time -- without missing a beat.

- Since I need such a smartphone which never desires to sleep, I need a strong long lasting battery to fulfill all my work and here its 2390 mAh battery serves my purpose. Either work in the morning or meeting my family or friends or going out for the evening. All this is possible without worrying about stopping to recharge.

- Its 5 megapixel rear-facing camera and a second camera in front, making it perfect for selfies or video calls with family and friends. With two twists of the wrist, I can launch the camera with Motorola’s Quick Capture feature. I can take take a selfie by twisting my wrist again to switch to the front-facing camera. All without touching the screen. Amazing !

- It is awesome with the latest Android™ OS, Lollipop, the latest version of the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

- I like various shades of Colour. My fun begins by  adding color, be it life, be it gadgets.  I can decorate my  phone with a splash of color with interchangeable Motorola Bands and Grip Shells3. I can start with a black or white phone and then choose from six Motorola Bands like turquoise or raspberry, or attach a colorful Grip Shell for added protection from scrapes and spills.

- My Life will be easy with Moto software experiences With the new Moto E, I will get premium Moto experiences like Moto Display for notifications and updates without interruptions and Moto Migrate to quickly and easily transfer contacts, photos and videos to my new phone.

Thanks to Motorola, I have found my perfect smartphone with all my much wanted features. Proud to have Moto E as my new smartphone. I am ready to enter into the new world of fascinating experiences with my new Moto E!

Checkout more about Moto E (2nd Gen) here:

Buy Your Own Moto E (2nd Gen) from:
Flipkart: Black Moto E | White Moto E

Nashta with #KelloggsWaleGuptaji!

I got an invitation from Guptaji to come have breakfast with him but I was unsure if I would accept. You see, I am very particular about what I eat. 'Nashta' or breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I try to start my day with food that keeps me healthy, active and is also delicious. So I shared my concerns with Guptaji who was very gracious and instantly told me how he was called #KelloggsWaleGuptaji because of his habit of starting healthy by eating Kelloggs cornflakes!

He went ahead and told me that he had over 100 mouthwatering recipes for breakfast that were not only delicious but also very healthy and gave me the link to his Facebook page to go and checkout his favourite healthy Kelloggs cornflakes recipes and choose any that I would like having when I came to breakfast at his house!

Happy and relieved, I went to Guptaji's Facebook page and was surprised to see so many delicious and new recipes made from my favourite Kelloggs cornflakes! Until then, I had only had Kelloggs cornflakes in milk but here I could see it being used to make all kinds of dishes. Awestruck and excited, I started checking out the recipes and selected the following to try out with Guptaji and his family .

1) I absolutely loved the Cornflake Coconut Lodoos or also called the "Best Tiffin Wala Nashta".
I love sweets and this one is a sweet dish that I have never had. It looks so yummy and I am sure that I am going to love it!


I think my wife will love this recipe and I am certain will surely pack me the Cornflake Coconut Ladoos in my tiffin for office.

2) I love Sitaphal or custard apple or sugar apple and when I saw my favourite fruit used with my favourite breakfast, I was overjoyed.
Just looking at this Sitaphal Cornflakes makes me hungry and I cant wait to try it out. The crispness of cornflakes with the natural sweetness of custard apple added to creamy milk with some dry fruits sprinkled at the end. Ooh, I cant wait to eat this nashta. It is definitely going to be a hit!

3) Who doesn't love chocolate? And when you combine chocolate with walnut and cornflakes to make this absolutely yummy looking, lip smacking dish then how can anyone stay calm!
I jumped in joy when I came across this recipe on Guptaji's page and bless him! I am ready to go have breakfast with him if it means I will be getting such delicious and unique food to eat.

Just look at the melted dark chocolate coating the cornflake and walnut mixture, it simply looks heavenly and I cant wait to try it out!

I am overwhelmed by all the deliciousness and appeal of the recipes listed on Guptaji's page and cant wait to have breakfast with him. I will try and be my most pleasant self so that the Gupta family invites me for breakfast again and again!

What about you?
Will you go if #KelloggsWaleGuptaji invites you for breakfast?

This post is written for Kelloggs India. Checkout all the yummy and mouthwatering recipes that we can make with Kelloggs cornflakes here:
Checkout more here:

Also watch the video and meet Guptaji's family.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Things that make me happy! ~#Iamhappy


Happiness is a choice and style of life. People who are happy are the people who want to be happy. They have learned the art of finding happiness in even the smallest of things and acts. Even a simple "hello" from a friend or colleague makes them happy.

In today's ambitious life, everyone is running after success and in the process, also getting more frustrated, more hopeless and more unhappy when met with failures. Being happy is something that we have forgotten.

I am no averse to everyone else. I also have my share of frustrations, sadness, chaos and hopelessness but still I try to not let them overpower me and try to be happy.

The things that make me happy are:

1) Time spent with family and friends.
2) Listening to my favourite songs.
3) Watching the instant smile on my wife's face when I return home from office each day.
4) Walking in the park hand-in-hand with my wife.
5) Getting unexpected calls from my children and realizing that they miss me.
6) Eating home cooked meals and watching my wife's satisfied smile when she sees me enjoying her cooked food.
7) The simple routine of going to the gym, buying groceries, the simple banter with my wife and knowing that she will always be there to correct me when I go wrong.
8) Feeling proud of all the accomplishments of my children and realizing that somewhere I did the right thing to help them get where they are now.
9) Going out for dinner with family and watching the easy love that we share with each other.
10) Watching movies with my family.
11) Having the freedom to do what I like and knowing that my family will support me in all my ventures.
12) Holding the shopping bags while I watch my wife excitedly rattling off things from the shopping list and happy as she moves from one shop to another.
13) Starting my day with a glass of warm water with lemon while I sit with my wife in companionable silence in my balcony and watch the early morning hustle-bustle with children chatting while waiting for their school bus, the newspaper man throwing newspapers and the birds chirping on the trees opposite my house.
14) Going to the temple each Tuesday and feeling the peace and spirituality wash over me.
15) Getting a hot cup of tea after a hard day at work.
16) Having pakoras with tea and a good book on a rainy day.
17) Getting a cold beverage like coca-cola on a hot summer afternoon.
18) Coming back from office and realizing that their is no electricity cut and that I can watch my favourite TV shows in peace.

There are so many small things that make me happy and when combined, make my life a happy one. Being happy is a choice, one that all of us can opt for!


What makes you happy?

This post is written for Coca-Cola India

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

#BookBlitz and #Giveaway: Grade A Stupid (The Darcy Walker Series #1) by A.J. Lape

I am so excited to host the Book Blitz for Grade A Stupid by A.J. Lape. The Blitz will run on 16th and 17th March. This book is highly rated and currently free in US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia. It is only Rs. 60 in India.

~About the Book~

Grade A Stupid by A.J. Lape
Series: The Darcy Walker Series Book 1
No. of Pages: 375
Publication Date: November 2012
Genre: Young Adult Mystery, Thriller, Humor

DARCYVILLE: Where stupidity is celebrated with a deadly dose of sin. 

Fifteen years ago, Darcy Walker's parents thought it was a good idea to give her a unique name: Darcy, meaning "dark walker." Whether that was a stroke of genius or stroke of stupid, they definitely nailed the irony. She lacks direction, her grades stink despite a high IQ, she's boringly average--although flirting admirers claim otherwise--and God help her, she's infatuated with a bad-boy. 
A bad-boy that her hottie best friend, Dylan, wishes would get acquainted with his fist. 

And, oh yeah, there's that tattoo that was a royally stupid idea. 

With her life spiraling out of control, everything changes when she skips class and finds a dead fact, it gets worse. It jump starts Darcy's inner-verb, and her brain hardwired for action gets caught up in a situation she can’t let go. 

Set in the fictional Cincinnati town of Valley, Ohio, Darcy falls into a world of threats, violence, and gangland exploits chasing down every clue to finger the murderer. When a fellow misfit is arrested for the crime, Darcy goes from zero-to-sixty trying to clear his name--constructing aliases, breaking the law, everything that makes perfect sense to her but reeks of Grade A Stupid to everyone else. 

Trouble is...will she live to see sixteen?

 Add to Goodreads: Grade A Stupid by AJ Lape


“THERE WAS ALWAYS a boy in your life that common sense and the prayers of parents told you to stay away from: fast talker, fast car, and fast hands. He was the boy your father kept a loaded shotgun by the door for and met on the front porch if he ever thought about venturing onto his property…let alone the threshold. He was the tall, dark, mysteriously handsome, and uncharacteristically quiet one that made you wonder what was going on in his head, and that little voice in your head said it wasn’t always so honorable. He was the boy you broke all of the rules over because bad-boys equaled excitement and the rebel in you liked the ride.”

~Buying Links~  {FREE in US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia} {Rs. 60}
iTunes {FREE}
Kobo {FREE}
Smashwords {FREE}

~About the Author~

A. J. Lape is the author of the Darcy Walker Series which has stayed on Amazon's teen's mysteries and thrillers bestseller's lists since its debut in 2012. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband, two daughters, an ADD dog, a spoiled hamster, and an unapologetic and unrepentant addiction to Coca-Cola--plus a lifelong love affair with bacon she has no plans to sever. A graduate of Morehead State University with a Master's degree in Communications, she's a PI wannabe and recently joined the Citizen's Police Academy in her hometown but daily stops crime through the fictional ADHD character of Darcy Walker. If the FBI ever checks her computer, she'll be wearing prison-orange due to the graphic and disgusting "wiki" articles she looks up...all in the name of career research, of course.

Sign up for A. J.'s newsletter:

~Follow the Author~

~The Darcy Walker Series~

Book 1: Grade A Stupid by A.J Lape {FREE}| {Rs. 60} | Barnes & Noble {FREE} | iTunes {FREE} | Kobo {FREE} | Smashwords {FREE}

  Book 2: No Brainer by A.J Lape | | Goodreads

  Book 3: 100 Proof Stud by A.J Lape | Goodreads

Book 4: DEFCON Darcy by A.J Lape--> New Release | | Goodreads


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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Facing life #together!

Image source

Facing life #together!
I always count my blessings when it comes to my family. I have been blessed with a loving, caring and supportive family. We have faced difficult situations together, made sacrifices for each other and rejoiced together.

It was a few years back when this incident happened that again tested our bonds of love. I was due for a promotion and this promotion was very important to me because of several reasons. I had worked very hard and so thought that I deserved the promotion. With me, my team had also given their best and with my promotion, their future was also on the line. If I got promoted then they would also get an early chance at representing themselves for a salary hike. Also my children were moving towards college and I needed a salary hike desperately so that I could handle the college fees and prepare my budget for the increased expenses. With so much at stake, I was nervous but my family, my friends and my colleagues were confident that I would get the promotion since I had topped the written and my performance reports had been impressive.

The day of the result declaration came and after a regular prayer, I went to office. My team was confident and were already congratulating me, even though the results had not been out. They were sure that the promotion was mine but the final result not only shattered this assumption, it also shattered my confidence.

My name didnt even make it to the list! I was shocked and felt numb. Everyone in my team was also left speechless. No one could believe that this had happened. I couldn't imagine how this had happened.

Shocked and crushed, I went home early that day and again witnessed the dimming of happiness and excitement in my family's eyes. Although, they recovered quickly but still it left an ugly impression on my mind. The only thing I could hear again and again in my mind was that I had failed. I was a failure.

After that day, my enthusiasm for work started decreasing and again and again I found myself reliving the shocked silence after the result declaration and the uncomfortable atmosphere at office where everyone found themselves feeling sorry for me and uneasy in my presence. It was like everyone was walking on broken glass when around me. All the whispering and unhappiness started getting to me and I found myself feeling more and more depressed with each passing day. I lost interest in work, in eating, in my family and always felt like crying, preferring to sit alone in the dark.

My wife was starting to feel concerned and I could tell that my children also felt worried about me but I just didn't want to face them. Everyday they tried to brighten my dark mood but nothing gave me happiness.

One day, my wife found me sitting alone and when she started caressing my hair and asked me what was the problem and why I was sitting in the dark, it was like a dam broke and I found myself crying uncontrollably.

I hugged her tightly while I continued sobbing loudly.

"What is the matter? Why are you crying? Please don't cry and tell me. We will sort the problem together." She soothed me while caressing my back.

Her warm voice soothed me and I told her everything that I had been feeling.

"What is this? You think just because you didn't get a stupid promotion that you are a failure?" She scolded me like a mother.

"But I failed you and my team." I told her in a broken voice.

"Shh...who told you that? Do you know that you are our hero? Our son wrote an essay on you for his school project and he doesn't think you as a failure. Do you remember when our daughter told her teacher that you were the person she wanted to be like when she grew up? Remember how proud you felt. This is who you are. An inspiring man, a good father who is a role model to his children, a loving son and my favourite husband." She smiled while I looked at her in awe.

"Now come one. Freshen up and let's go for a walk. The children will be home in a few hours so let's enjoy the alone time." She smiled as she stood up and briskly had me moving towards the washroom.

That day, as I stood facing myself in the mirror, I realized how wrong I had been. I had everything I needed to be happy in my life. I had a great family, some trust worthy friends and a job that had helped me feed my family for so long. So what, if I didn't get promoted this time. I would get many more chances to show my skills but for now, I needed to believe in myself, #lookup with optimism and be #together with the people I loved and who loved me.

My beloved wife's words saved me from drowning in a dark pit of depression and her love and support again proved that life was good when we faced it #together with optimism.

I joined office as my normal self and got promoted after a few months because of my exceptional performance. My team members also got handsome salary hikes and as they say, all ended well and we lived happily-ever-after.

My "happily-ever-after" is possible only because of God's grace who gave me such a loving and caring family that has always supported, motivated and saved me by facing life #together.

Image source
This post is written as part of the #together and #lookup campaign by Housing. Checkout their website here:

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

#StartANewLife ~ The journey to my owning my own house!

Image source:
Coming out of your comfort zone to do something different is always difficult but sometimes in order to change our lives we need to take that risk. I still remember the time when I took the risk to #StartANewLife and went ahead to buy my first house even when everyone told me to wait.
I was a clerk in a reputed Indian Bank then and newly married. I also had the responsibility of my ailing parents and being the sole bread earner of the family, we just had enough to survive but I and my wife dreamed of owning a small house of our own. I had always wanted to give my parents all the happiness that I could and giving them a home of their own was a step towards this. My parents had always sacrificed all their wants and needs so that I and my siblings were never left wanting anything. They had never been able to afford a house of their own and I had heard my mother's wistful mentions of owning a house someday. 

Although I wanted to gift them a house, I also knew that with my meager salary it was almost impossible to save enough to buy a house but still I dreamed. Then one day I came to know of a new housing scheme launched by LDA in my city. I went to see the houses and instantly fell in love with the beautiful albeit small houses there. I could get a lakh rupees in loan from the bank where I worked but we still needed additional money which I didn't have. My dream looked far-fetched and I was starting to lose confidence but my wife supported me and together we were able to arrange the money by pawning off some jewellery, taking loans from friends and breaking a fixed deposit.

I knew that after taking the bank loan and pawning off almost all our savings, I would have nothing to count as savings for a while but still I wanted this dream to come true even if it meant taking this chance. So I went ahead and bought a house in the new colony.

I still remember the day when we shifted to the house. Finally our dream had come true. We had a new home, our own safe haven! My parents had tears in their eyes and the happiness I saw on my family's face was worth every difficulty and sacrifices that I had made or would have to make in the future.

Now when I look back I am happy to say that that was the best decision that I ever took. I agree that the journey after buying our home was full of difficulties and sacrifices where we had to see days when I didnt even have the money to buy a bag of groceries for my family but still that small and cozy house became a companion to all our happy memories. My children were born in this house, we laughed, cried, celebrated and felt safe here and it is this same house which shelters me today giving me the security of a roof over my head in my old age!

I am happy that I took this risk to #StartANewLife. My life is all the more happy, secure and full of good memories because I dared to dream and was able to give my old parents the satisfaction and permanence in the form of a home they could call their own. :)

What about you? Have you ever risked something to #StartANewLife?

Read about Housing here:

Friday, 6 March 2015

Dry Baby is Happy Baby!

Image source:
We love babies because of their easy smiles and infectious happiness.

A baby does not need much. The requirements of a baby are very limited. A baby is happy listening to the melodious tunes of music, needs uninterrupted sleep, requires supplements of food at regular intervals of time and of course a diaper which cares for the delicate and soft skin of a baby.

I still remember when my son was only a few months old, he always enjoyed dancing to bollywood songs that he loved  and whenever a song was not as per his liking, he used to cry giving us a signal to change the song. Everybody endorses the significance of a mother's lori/ lullaby to make her baby sleep within a few seconds without bothering about the outer world. A baby always feels happy listening to the musical voice since he does not understand the words but only waves of positive music that eventually lull him to sleep.

Playing with the favourite toy is a passion for every baby, in ancient times boys used to play with various toys but all time favourite of all girls was to play with a doll made up of clay, cloth or of any material fabricated with various alternatives. Barbie doll in various avatars is the best example of dolls loved by small girls today.

Pets are always a best friend for a baby, be it a cute puppy or a cute cat, a baby always tries to catch hold of the pets and pets in turn also think so by showering their love, care and attention on the small babies.

Dancing on melodious music, playing with the favourite toy or running after the pets, all this is possible for a baby if he/she is enjoying a full tummy and is free of the wet feeling due to an uncomfortable diaper. A dry diaper always keeps a baby in his/her happy mood and also saves them from getting painful rashes.

Only when a baby is comfortable and dry will he be happy and free to enjoy. When my children were young, we didn’t have many diapers and so had to use cloth nappies which got wet frequently and often resulted in our little ones getting painful rashes.

Thankfully, today we have many diapers to help get our babies comfortable and keep them dry but the best among them that I have witnessed being used by some of my relatives for their small kids is the Pampers Baby Dry Pants which is made of soft material to complement our babies’ feather-soft skin, is easy to wear since it is just like a pant with a soft band and keeps the baby dry not only from outside but also from inside. 

So, forget about those other nappies and go buy Pampers Baby Dry Pants diaper and see your baby smile and be happy because life smiles when our baby is smiling and happy!

Read more about Pampers Baby Dry Pants here:

Thursday, 5 March 2015

I wish a Happy Holi, the festival of colours to All my Family & Friends. Please Play a Safe Holi !!!!!

My #lookup story of Optimism!

Image source:
A home is where we feel loved, happy and cared for. I have been blessed with a home where I am guaranteed love, safety and happiness.

I still remember how my little daughter used to wait for me even when she was only a few months old and my job profile had me working in shifts and my time for coming back home from work was not fixed. My little and cute daughter was only 3 months old and I thought such a small child could not be aware of my coming late because I had seen little ones sleep more than being awake. Only when they feel that they are hungry or thirsty, they awake up for a very small duration and when they are satisfied by the water/milk or food, they again go to sleep.

But my misconception about small children was challenged by my small daughter. I used to come home late at night or sometimes early in the morning around 3-4 am but my cutie pie used to wait for me with her big, eager eyes waiting for my return and a cute smile on her face. She only went to sleep after she had seen me and I had told her a story! This happened each day and despite my wife’s attempt to get her to sleep, she stayed awake until she saw me return which always had me trying to wrap up my work as quickly as possible so I could go back home and be with her.

The smile of my little one, her patience for waiting for me even when I came back late which had to be difficult  for a little child who couldn't express her  feelings through words but had found a way to show her love for me by sacrificing her sleep. This gesture from her filled me with optimism towards life because now I had a motivation to face all pessimism in life bravely and convert it to positivism. All my daily frustration and negativity just vanished when I saw her waiting patiently for me and watching her instant joy at seeing me had me feeling proud, loved and cared for. Such a small child who looked helpless but was way stronger than us was able to fill me with new optimism towards the future. I had a motivation to work hard and brave all the difficulties that were thrown in my path each day. I wanted to give her the best things in life and a secure life with her making my daily existence more fulfilling and happy!

My daughter had been able to convey by her silent but strong gestures her feelings of love, care, concern and strength to me and it was her innocent and happy face that drove me to see the future in a positive sense and face all the difficulties in my life with the daily dose of optimism I got from her.

She taught me that optimism could come from anywhere and everywhere only if we were willing to feel it and change our lives for the better. :)

I got my dose of optimism from my daughter. Who or what made you optimistic towards your life?

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

#MyFamilyMyPride - I am better, confident and self-reliant because of you!

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Family bonding has been deeply embedded in our culture and society. It is because of our family that we are able to achieve success and become a better person. 

I still recall an incident from my early childhood where I wanted to have my problem solved by my father but he gave me signals of not being interested. I was very depressed and started thinking about my problems deeply and in the process, thought of many solutions. When I applied the one which I thought was best according to me and I was surprised to see that I was able to solve my problem myself!

I was so happy! While I danced in joy, my father suddenly came in front of me. He had tears in his eyes which he told me were of happiness and pride for me, giving me the realization that it was my father who wanted me to think independently and solve my problem on my own instead of depending on him thinking he would always be there to solve my issues.

As history repeats itself, the same situation rose in my life when my daughter struggled with a problem and I kept myself away from her just to inculcate the confidence of solving her problem independently which she realized when she solved her problem on her own and realized that the reason why I had not helped her was because I wanted her to take a decision on her own and have faith that she had made the right choice. I wanted her to become self-reliant.

When I came to know about the recently launched, “Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao” campaign by HDFC Life, it was my father's vision from long back to instill a habit of independence and self pride in me so I became a better and a more self-reliant person was what came back to me which I carried forward when it was my turn to develop my daughter the same way. 

Gone are the days when our fore-fathers used to save money for our safe future keeping small savings in clay pots, then in small money boxes, then in Banks. Gradually we started to think of various other modes like taking insurance for covering the risk of our health, for meeting any contingency in our and our beloved's Life, making investments to fulfill our dreams etc.

Now when a child is born, the family thinks of securing his/her future by setting a financial goal for the child and think of various ways available in achieving the set goal. Thanks to HDFC Life which is there to simplify our decisions for every horizon of life starting from Protection Plans, to Health Plans, to Young Star Plans, to Savings & Investment Plans, to Woman's Plans to Retirement Plans.

I am so happy and proud of my family that stood with me all through my life and it is because of them that I stand today a better, confident and independent person. My father taught me to have faith in myself, be self-reliant and never regret my mistakes but learn from them and never commit the same mistakes again. I hope I have been able to instill the same values in my children but I am happy to be part of a family that is my pride and joy. 

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Checkout the heartwarming video from HDFC Life which shows how important family is in making us self-reliant.