Sunday, 1 February 2015

#QuikrNXT ~ The NXT level of selling and buying!

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I have shopped numerous times on and true to its motto, "No fikar, bech Quikr!", it has been a true no-tension experience for me but when I heard about Quikr NXT, I was overjoyed. 
Going a step ahead in its pledge to provide a tension free and an easy to use platform for buying and selling goods, Quikr has launched Quikr NXT which has a chat feature where we can contact the seller or buyer via chat. Exciting, isnt it!

Now we shall impose more confidence in Quikr as sellers and buyers will come more closer with instant chat and it will ease out the process. Quikr NXT will exempt us from calling over phone which will bless buyers and sellers with less time in transaction and more connectivity and we will be more comfortable in communicating our messages and information sharing  with instant chat.  I would prefer chat over a phone call because of the following reasons :

1)  Buyers and Sellers can immediately connect with each other through chat across Quikr’s mobile app, mobile site and its desktop site. Simple, isnt it!
This will help us in having a backup of all our chat history, so we dont have to remember what we talked about. We can always check the history!
We can also use the chat as valid proof if the product that we get is not like the one we were promised.
Also our money will be saved that was previous spent calling to talk about the product. Chatting is a easier, more convenient and safer method all around.

2)    It will enhance online classifieds market due to users able to communicate with each other at their own convenience . It will also facilitate in bringing the e-Commerce to new heights.
Often times, we are busy and cant talk on the phone but we can always chat, share the product pics and decide at the best bargain at our own convenience.

3) Users may request more details about the product or service and that too without requiring any phone call.
Our phone numbers will remain private and so saved from being misused. The fake sellers and buyers will be discouraged and we are sure to get more genuine people to do business with.
I faced an issue with a fake caller when I tried buying a new phone for myself. It was just a prank for many people but a very disheartening and frustrating experience for me. It takes so much time to select a product that we like and then if we call the seller and he/she proves to be fake then it is so frustrating!

So I am ready to accept Quikr NXT with both my hands spread open wide due to the chat feature it is offering and am really very excited about it.
Now it is "No fikar, chat Quikr!" and am so happy.
Thanks Quikr  for blessing all of us with this feature and am confident to receive more such great features from Quikr in the future.

This post is written as an entry for Indi-Happy Hours by Indiblogger in association with Quikr NXT.


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