Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My top Five wishes~ #BefikarUmarBhar

When a baby is born, the soul is very pure and so is the body. Soul always remains pure but the body and mind face a lot of challenges in Life, right from going to school, then college, then searching for a job and getting the right one, then getting settled well in Life to getting married with the right partner. If all this is met, then a new cycle of Life begins with a new born baby in one’s life and this cycle continues till the body attains the state of death. In between, we suffer with so many other challenges like maintaining the right mix of relations with our family, friends, colleagues, children, neighbours, shouldering social responsibilities etc. which are sometimes compromised due to one or the other reasons.

When IDBI came up with the scheme of Insurance Whole Life – Befikar, Umar bhar – it gave me the opportunity to re-think about the whole Life I was leading and the one I had dreamed of ! Some dreams were fulfilled, some were compromised and some still unattended. So now I can live the Life I had always dreamed of – Befikar Umar Bhar, credit goes to IDBI. 

Following are the top 5 things on my bucket list that I am sure will get fulfilled all due to IDBI #BefikarUmarBhar :

1. Spending Full Time with my Family and Maintaining Relations : In the course of my service, I could not give much time to my family which I always regret. If I am given the opportunity of Befikar Umar Bhar, I will definitely enjoy more time with my wife and children to keep them happy and feel my presence altogether. I would also improve my relations with colleagues, friends, neighbours etc. as now my mind will be relaxed and calm and I can contribute in a positive manner to maintaining my relations with my family and the outer world.

2. Leading a Healthy Life :  I can invest my time in fulfilling my desire of joining a gym for a better state of health which will enable me to stay fit. I can do exercises of my choice in the gym. I had always dreamed of having a well-built body which I can now achieve.

3. Fulfilling my dream of travelling the world : I have always dreamed of travelling around the world. Now I will plan with my family to go to beautiful places in the whole world, will enjoy the stay at beaches, will experience all types of rides, have fun feeling the splash of water on my face without any fear that I don't know how to swim. The comfortable stay and well planned journeys will make my day and my body and mind will feel a new height of relaxation, making the whole trip enjoyable and memorable for years to come.

4. Serving Society : Being Befikar in my Life, I can accomplish the work which I always wanted to do for the society. I will contribute my time to making our place clean by participating in "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" and making people around me aware of how they can make the cleanliness a big and affordable challenge by participating themselves and by encouraging others to join and make it a habit.

Apart from cleanliness, I will spread the awareness of education among poor illiterates and organizing various educational / technical programmes to educate them. I will be happy to work for the upliftment of poor and illiterates.

I like various programmes being aired on social media that encourage girls and women to come forward and do what men do and which was until now thought to be done by the men only. I would like to work for empowerment of girls/women who can contribute to our society in various ways apart from nurturing their families.

5. Enjoying my hobby of writing : I always thought that I was a good writer which I realized later in my life that I actually am. So given the feeling of freedom from all constraints, I will nourish my hobby of writing and strive towards becoming a full-fledged writer.

What would you do if you were #BefikarUmarBhar?

This post is written for Indi-Happy Hours on Indiblogger as part of #BefikarUmarBhar campaign by IDBI Federal Lifesurance Whole life- Befikar Umar Bhar


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