Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Bedtime Rituals for my kids!

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Babies are sweet, cute, bubbly and a joy to our heart. Their endless energy and boundless happiness makes our day but when these same happy bundles are unhappy, it squeezes our heart. We are ready to do anything to see them smile again. Our lives revolve around them.

Getting them to sleep is a real task, they refuse to sleep, have erratic timings and are frequently wetting their nappies. I remember the days when my kids were babies. It used to be so difficult to get them to sleep. We were forever trying out new things to tire them out so they would sleep easily and get their much required rest because when they were not well rested, they threw tantrums, were jumpy and generally unhappy all day.

So with trial and error, I and my wife had set a bedtime ritual for our babies which started out with a good body massage and then a nice warm water bath where we would let them play in the water for sometime to tire them further. Then pat them dry and dress them in their soft night clothes which they loved. 

At that time, we didn't have diapers like we have today and I have seen how great they are. Pampers Baby Dry Pants is one such very useful and comfortable diaper for babies which keeps them dry all night long and the best part is that it stays dry not only on the outside but also on the inside, making the babies comfortable and safe from getting rashes which are very painful. They are easy to wear because they can be worn just like pants and I have seen how happy they make the kids. 

My niece has a small baby and we often visit them. She uses Pampers for her kid and the cute bundle of joy is so happy, crawling everywhere. He is so quick that we have to run to grab him. My niece told me how she had started out with cloth diapers, fearing that any other diapers would make the baby uncomfortable and prone to getting rashes by sitting wet in it all day but she quickly realized that cloth diapers were very troublesome. The baby was urinating frequently and each time that happened the floor, bed, cradle etc. got wet and the baby was left howling so she went to the store and bought Pampers Baby Dry Pants after a recommendation from the store keeper. She is very happy now and cant stop praising Pampers! The baby is dry, happy and most importantly, comfortable in these diapers.

I and my wife used cloth diapers because we had no other option and so had to check on the kids frequently and change them whenever they got wet. We used plastic sheets beneath the normal ones to save the mattresses but this got the babies very uncomfortable. But we had to do this.

My kids were a happy lot and as soon as we laid them in the cradle they would grab their toys and wait for my wife to sing their favourite lullaby to them. Their cradle was also selected such that they were comfortable in it and liked sleeping in it. Sometimes we read them stories too but mostly it was the lullaby that had them sleeping peacefully. 

I miss those days with their constant laughter, their innocent tantrums and their smiling faces as they slept lost in their own dreamworld. 

What are your bedtime rituals for your babies?

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