Saturday, 28 February 2015

Get a better Car with #QuikrNXT!

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I first came to know about Quikr when my friend told me his experience of buying a double bed from this website. He was all smiles while he animatedly told me how easy it was to buy things from Quikr. Intrigued I went to the website and was wowed by it!

Now with Quikr NXT which has a new chat option added it has become easier to contact the right people, ask for more details and only buy the product when you are satisfied. 

Since the past few weeks, I have been thinking about upgrading my petrol Maruti Alto with a diesel hatchback and this time, I want to go for more comfort and have decided on checking out for second hand Hyundai i20. With this in my mind, I knew where I had to go for all my buying and selling needs. Typing the url to Quikr : , I was soon at the home page and eager to start on my search!

Now, before I start with my story of how I went and searched for options, let me tell you why I love Quikr NXT and why I recommend it to you if you are thinking of getting a new car.

Quikr NXT is the next advancement to Quikr which has a new chat option introduced where the seller and buyers can chat with each other. This option is beneficial because of the following reasons:
1) Our private information stays private and the danger of it falling into the wrong hands is now netralized.
2) We can chat with the buyer/seller at our own convenience without compromising our own work and fretting on disturbing the other person by calling again and again.
3) We can chat until all our doubts are cleared and only the buy the product when fully satisfied.
4) Photo sharing is also available which helps us in checking the product with real time pictures.
5) A record of our conversation is there so we don't have to remember what was promised or what we promised. We can just check the previous chats and recount what we talked about!
6) Quikr NXT is available on desktop, mobile and by app. It's free and easy to use.
7) No more fake calls and fake sellers. Only genuine people will reach us.

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Now the above reasons are assuring and had me hopping over to Quikr to start my search for a new car!

1) I reached the home page of Quikr, selected my city and selected the category: Cars to start my search.
2) To refine the search further, we have options like Brand Name, Model, Price Range, Year, Fuel type, New/Used, Ads posted in, Posted by, Locate din etc.

Since I wanted an i20 so I selected
Brand Name: Hyundai,
Model: i20
Price Range: 2,00000-5,00000
Fuel Type: Diesel

I was surprised to see many options flood the screen. Searching through the available options, I selected one and there was a "Chat Now" button beside the particular ad in green which allows us to chat with the seller directly without having to make even a single call!

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I clicked on "Chat Now" and a pop up window opened where I could enter my question for the seller. Simple!

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Now this is one cool feature. I sent my question to the seller and so started our chat which works normally like any other chat. I even asked for some new pictures of the car and inquired some more.
Although, I am still checking out the car and have not finalized the deal, I am happy with my experience and wanted to share it with you. If you are thinking of upgrading your car and are looking for a better one then checkout Quikr and enjoy Quikr NXT. You wont be disappointed!

This post is my entry for Indi-Happy Hours by Indiblogger in association with Quikr NXT.


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