Saturday, 24 January 2015

My Valentine Proposal Plan

Proposals are always difficult to plan whether it be a business proposal or a love proposal, you are always left wondering what to say and how to present yourself so that the other party accepts your proposal!

I am been in love with this shy girl with long black hair and big expressive eyes but never been able to express my love to her. We meet everyday, we talk, we laugh together because we are colleagues and friends but I want to be so much more to her. She is always positive, friendly and a great friend but I always wonder if she feels for me what I feel for her. Maybe she does but I don't know. So, when I heard about Closeup's Cupid Games campaign on Indiblogger, I just knew this was the much needed motivation to finally propose to her and get to know her true feelings for myself. Maybe she will say "yes" and we will stay together happily-ever-after. I am clinging to this "maybe" and hopefully this "maybe" will turn to "definitely" on Valentine's Day when I propose to her!

We have a small celebration in office each year on Valentine's Day where we have great food, cool company of friends and half a day work free! This year, however, I plan on including a special something of myself for the one woman who makes my day more beautiful each day with her smile.
I plan on proposing her right there in front of our whole office and hope she accepts me.

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The plan is very simple and very conventional but then she is a very conventional girl and a romantic at heart, judging from all the romance books that she reads and talks about.She loves the classic red rose and so I am going to give her one along with a small ring I have bought for her and then before she can say something, I am going to go down on one knee and propose to her my love in as romantic a way as possible. I am going to say,

"Hey, I love you. I don't know since when. The only thing I know is that you make my world complete and more beautiful with your presence. " and then quote the below beautiful song by Avril Lavigne.

"I like your smile I like your vibe
I like your style
But that's not why I love you

You're so beautiful
But that's not why I love you
And I'm not sure you know
That the reason I love you

Is you being you, just you

Hey, do you feel, do you feel me?
Do you feel what I feel too?
Do you need, do you need me?
Do you need me?"

I hope she says "yes". I am optimistic. Wish me all the luck. This Valentine's Day is going to be a memorable one! :)
This post is written as part of Indi-Happy Hours by Indiblogger in association with Closeup Cupid Games

The song lyrics quoted from Metrolyrics


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