Thursday, 18 December 2014

Things to keep in mind when travelling with kids ~ #TravelWithKids

Travelling with kids is a new experience. Their innocence and easy enjoyment makes the holiday all the more fun for parents. If planned properly, any holiday can become a memorable one both for the adults and the kids.

Some points to note when travelling with kids are:

  • Plan your holiday itinerary in advance so that you are ready to handle any unexpected inconvenience like delayed flights etc. and can also comfortably enjoy with your children.
  • Get your children to visit a doctor before travelling so that you know that they are healthy and if unwell then can be given medicines to enable them to travel comfortably. 
  • Carry some general ailment medicines like for fever, cuts, stomach ache etc. so that you are ready for any unexpected illnesses.
  • Plan your children's luggage to include suitable clothes, shoes and other items that they may require at your holiday destination.
  • Collect your children's IDs beforehand and carry them to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Enlighten the children about the places they are going to visit and try to intrigue them so that they look forward to the holiday.
  • Carry snacks, medicine, some games and a camera with you while travelling so that you are well equipped to handle any unforeseen problems like hunger and boredom in your kids.
  • Instruct your kids to always stay with you while travelling and never venture anywhere alone.
  • Plan for motion sickness which is fairly common in children. Carry suitable medicines to tackle any onslaught of the sickness.
  • If your kids are teenagers then involve them in your travel plans and take their inputs for improvement. This will interest them and also make them feel important.
  • If your kid is a toddler, carry his food, medicines, extra wipes, diapers and other items that can come in handy anytime while travelling.
  • To avoid boredom and crankiness in your kids while travelling, try to engage them in games, instructive talk about the places you are going to visit and try to learn their own expectations from the holiday.
  • Plan your travel schedule for each day keeping your children in mind. Your plan should be such that it is neither too hectic nor too boring and is able to entertain the kids.
  • Visit all the places that you know will be enjoyed by your kids even if it means that you have to visit some that don't interest you.
  • Carry water with you so as to avoid water borne diseases. Ask your children to drink only from the bottles you are carrying and not from any taps etc.
  • Encourage your children to write their experiences while on holiday which will maintain their interest and also cultivate in them the habit of writing.
  • Plan and split the supervision time with your spouse or any other adult travelling with you so that the kids are always looked after by one or more adults.
  • Ensure the kids are dressed according to the climate of your holiday destination so that they don't fall ill an are able to enjoy freely.

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